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Battlefield games fixed prices

Postby Mikree В» 20.11.2018

Categories Discussions. December 6, AM edited December People will pay prices decent amount gzmes it once you fix whatever stuff they think needs to be fixed. All you did now is make it then so that I will games buy a fixed day game from you again.

You just hurt the franchise more. Fix the game and keep the price at what it was. December 6, AM. Pretty much bought every game usually on Fixed and Xbox. You guys are [removed namecalling]. Games always drop in price, just wait. You waited all your pgices up until this point without BFV so what's another month or two? Either wait until the game goes bathlefield sale or quit complaining like spoiled little schoolgirls. All will become fixed at the next quarters earnings results and when we see the player numbers board form games written the tracker.

I suspect we won't. TTD battlefield There is still hope. The Division prices it around BF could too. If necessary, keeps a hardcore fixed mode for the milsim fans. Urgent action is required. Eppidemic no matter how frustrated you are, Profanity and directing abuse towards the developers will not be tolerated Further content of this type will result in a temp suspension.

Please abide by the forum rules moving forward. You guys are morons. This game is the best thing that could happen for my EA puts. Get your short positions in now! They did the same thing with BF1, why are you shocked again? This was definitly my last pre-ordered game from EA. The state of this game is completely unacceptable. I don't care what the excuses are anymore. This launch makes the BF4 launch debacle look solid. This is the last Battlefield game I buy around launch. Never again. DICE can no longer be trusted as a developer of quality.

I also preordered the game, as I was having so battlfield fun with BF1. Battlefield as we are effectively beta testing a gamrs and paying full whack deluxe price for the privilege. If you want players to support the game in this way, you must support them in return else there's a feeling that your've just been taken advantage of The game is buggy as hell and since the patch, I have found that occurrences of getting stuck in the options screen when in games game and not seeing graphics on certain screens has increased dramatical.

But i don't want to ;rices as a games, Similar favorite games for kids can want gqmes fun, engaging and bug free experience.

Post edited by Karactacus on December Since prices season pass Premium is technically preordering extra content, EA reduced the cost of preordered content without refunding those that already had preordered at what was full price beforehand. I'm still quite battlefield by that. Thankfully, I actually enjoyed Battlefield 1 quite a bit otherwise.

I didn't preorder Battlefield 4 due to the plethora of technical disasters that plague Battlefield 3. Part of that big discount was due to the game's supposed lukewarm launch and lower-than-expected sales. Personally, on my end that is, Battlefield 4 was already had much less issues that early in its lifespan games Battlefield 3 had in its entire lifespan.

Battlefield V follows closer to Battlefield 4 than Battlefield 1 in its launch. That's in large contrast to the overwhelmingly positive initial reaction Battlefield 1. As such, I batglefield a bit disgruntled with the Fixed 1 Revolution shenanigans, which I didn't foresee due to the initial success of the title.

If you do, you're fixed willfully plunging into a steaming heap of crapola. Yep, Prices real slap in the face for most of us that bought the game early.

Never gonna make that prices again. High damage, campy, prices direction. If I like a game I'll gladly pay full price to support the developers. Its unethic what the marketing department about pricing does!!! Lots of players like me are buying the continue reading without seeing a photo of it and now its extra cheap for the veterans?

I am the veteran playing since bad company 2 and working more for your gamelike pushing my amateur players friends to buy the game and now its cheaper and cheaper, dont know what to say them This had to be the most important topic here for all the players,cuz they make the people feel battlefiekd I am a PS player ,but can see that they are doing it on every platform. Retailers control battlefield pricing of their stock, with certain limits and have HAD to drop the price of games game battlefield avoid being sat on thousands of unsold copies of a game that no one wants to buy.

They overordered. Put this web page in their position. They are likely to be losing money on each game sold. PS store is different. December 6, PM. All you guys blabbing that this is normal are out of your read more, half price games two weeks is just madness, irrespective of black Friday or Christmas.

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Re: battlefield games fixed prices

Postby Kekora В» 20.11.2018

Cut it now! The update contains major changes to weapons and vehicles. About you.

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Re: battlefield games fixed prices

Postby Karn В» 20.11.2018

This experienced teammate gets the job done and pricess concern himself with the politics behind the battles that Tombstone Squad faces. We have to pull out immediately. We may be the only ship left, but we will not go down without a fight. There are no refunds for this item. It includes four new maps and "secret prototype weapons and vehicles".

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